Zaparas Lawyers

details on the project

Zaparas Lawyers are the second largest Personal Injury Law firm in Victoria. They are a family run business, operated by Mum (Lia), Dad (Peter) and the three kids (Paul, Zoe and Yianni), all of whom are lawyers.

During our initial consultation with Zaparas, it was immediately evident that a large part of the success of their business came not only down to their excellent reputation and knowledge, but also the fact their staff really do care. Zaparas Lawyers take time to ascertain and understand the emotional and financial circumstances of each individual they represent.

After detailed research and brand strategy development, we were able to determine a clear set of brand values and positioning that would become the core of their branding. 

The end result for their brandmark was a design similar to that of a family emblem and protective shield. The shield is made of 5 parts – the bottom parts representing Lia and Peter and the top 3 parts Paul, Zoe and Yianni. The remainder of their collateral continues to reference what it is that makes Zaparas Lawyers so unique.

Hello worked closely with Mike Baker to capture the images used across the Zaparas communication collateral.