Today's Homes

details on the project

Today’s Homes is a family run business, created to deliver cost effective residential custom designed home solutions.

Today's Homes had been operating for quite some time before they engaged our services. As with many of our clients, business was going great guns, but their visuals were not aligning with the beautiful homes they were building for their clients.

We began from scratch and worked with Heidi, Peter and Brendan, (along with our marketing guru Danielle MacInnis) to determine what Today's Homes stood for, what made them tick and who they were talking to. Once we had determined their brand strategy, refined their messaging and understood what they were after, we began with designing a new brandmark. The design extended into visual language, stationery, signage, corporate collateral, inhouse communication and loads of marketing material.

The results are such that Today's Homes now stand proud under their new roof and have a newfound confidence in how to present their business to prospective home owners.

what our clients had to say

From the initial meetings, to actually seeing our brand unfold and hit the market, we always knew that hello had our best interests at heart. Working with Amanda and seeing how her creative team brought our business to life was a joy.

Their fresh new ideas have really set us apart in the Canberra market. Hello’s creative process was very thorough and they were always there if you wanted to talk things through and make any minor changes. They were always willing to help and were able to quickly turn jobs around if needed.

We are thrilled with our ‘new look’.