details on the project

Spicers are a global company with paper being the heart of their business.

Our relationship with Spicers goes way back, in-fact a good decade or so. Still to this day, receiving a brief from Spicers is nothing short of exciting. It’s rare for us designers to be involved with such self indulgent, unconstrained briefs, where we get to push our boundaries, and the latest print techniques.

When new papers are released to the market place, they are generally accompanied by a paper promotion. This particular piece was to promote the latest offering of heavyweight papers from Spicers. 

The majority of papers within this promotion are specialty papers which are mainly specified in high budget jobs. The design execution had to be exciting and really spotlight the features of each paper.

The promotion took the form of an A5 folder which contained a series of die-cut inserts. With each insert, we were able to explore a range of print techniques which really showed off the performance of each paper.

what our clients had to say

The design of our Ispira promotion has been received very well by both our staff and clients. It has been seen as smart, easy and very practical for presenting. It's a great way of introducing the stock.