Mitchelton Chocolate Festival

details on the project

While we love all clients equally, we have an extra soft spot for those who bring chocolate. Needless to say, when we were approached to design the branding for the Mithelton Wines Chocolate Festival, we were somewhat totally excited.

Come August, the manicured grounds of Mitchelton Winery will be transformed to showcase the best local wine and produce together with Melbourne based chocolatiers. The target audience for this event span far and wide from locals, all the way to us city folk who are looking for a great excuse to endulge for a weekend.

It was important that the branding reflect the nature and context of the event and capture an essence of the fun to be had at the festival.

We have no doubt that the combination of wine and chocolate will bring droves to Nagambie. We are hoping this event becomes an inaugural festivity so that we can continue to justify our chocolate consumption for 'reasearch purposes' for many years to come.