Metro Parking

details on the project

Metro Parking manage approximately 18,000 parking bays across sixteen different locations throughout Australia. They have been in business for over 20 years and service a range of clients (mainly large hospitals) across several states.

The Metro brandmark was created several years prior to contacting hello. We saw no need for a rebrand. What they were after was help to extend their current brand assets and develop their brand strategy. To achieve this, Metro worked closely with our marketing guru Dan MacInnis to develop their messaging. Once this was complete, we were able to design their priority items, starting with a smart solution for their tender documents. To extend on their brand assets, we created a suite of icons to represent their brand values and art directed a series of images photographed by Mike Baker.

As a result, their brand identity is stronger. Metro can now deliver their tender documents with confidence. The brand continues to evolve as we progress with the design of each new piece of collateral.