Little Creatures Collective

details on the project

Little Creatures Collective run art classes crafted to enhance creativity and imagination through the joy of visual art. Children are free to explore and develop their own personal style — from painting to drawing, sculpture to animation, and everything in between.

Hello were asked to create a brand for Little Creatures Collective that captures the imagination of the children, as well as the parents. It was important that the brand embodied the creative and playful nature of the art classes.

As part of the branding, we developed a series of Little Creatures Collective characters; Ralph, Maisie and Frederic. These characters became an integral part of the communication material and were used across all collateral to speak to the target audience.

It's very rewarding to watch this small business grow at great speeds and we are looking forward to seeing where Bec takes her business over the following 12 months.

what our clients had to say

Target audience loved it, other business loved it too. Clients have described the branding as "extremely effective" and "appealing to the kids as well as their parents."

Basically, you guys are awesome. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing your creative genius for the greater good that is Little Creatures Collective.