Home to Garden

details on the project

Home To Garden is a family-run business owned by Andy and his father Martin. The business was born from Andy's passion to promote solutions to increase the use of waste and harvested water in the home and garden.

The first thing that struck us about Andy was his passion for green plumbing and his dedication to helping people find sustainable solutions to their water supply. Andy is one of the most honest, approachable and friendly plumbers on the scene. We wanted the graphics to reflect his personality traits, as we believed this is a major reason why people would be referred to his business.

Andy regularly touches base with hello to tell us about the comments he receives on his van and the fact his corporate collateral wins him business. We have been really proud to watch his business sprout and witness first hand how great graphics are a massive bonus for even the smallest of business.

what our clients had to say

I have had so many comments about the design work. The van turns heads nearly every day and my customers have had nothing but good things to say about the van, website, brochures and cards. I know the brand Home to garden is stronger because of hello's help and how we launched it from the start. The company is well received by my customers. The company image as a whole is seen as being very professional I believe the results hello have created have had a lot to do with this.