Gowrie Victoria

details on the project

Gowrie Victoria work within early childhood education, creating children’s programs that set the benchmark for the sector and demonstrate excellence in delivery of training and professional development.

Amongst many other resources, Gowrie Victoria produce 2 semester catalogues, a program guide and a quarterly newsletter each year. Hello were asked to build on Gowrie's existing style guide to create a new look and feel for each of these items. The biggest challenge was to improve on the existing navigation using elements already belonging to the current style guide. There are a number of sections within these documents, so hello were required to rethink their existing navigation and develop new ways for the user to clearly find their way through the document.

The result is a suite of collateral that both builds on the existing Gowrie brand and better reflects the content.

what our clients had to say

Customers within the organisation and external to the organisation consistently feedback positively on the quality of the publications.

I dub the guide ‘our best issue ever’. The matt stock makes such as difference as well as the hours of work put into the look and feel, info hierarchy and navigation.