fka Children's Services

details on the project

fkaCS have a big vision. They aspire for all children to have access to quality education and care services that recognise and value diversity. In order to achieve this vision, they rely on their members whose funds are used to support the centre and advocate for children's cultural and linguistic rights.

Hello were really happy to be asked to help FKA communicate this vision and build the profile of fkaCS though the design of a new website. fkaCS had been running for an impressive 100 + years. While their old website wasn't nearly as old, it was definitely in need of some love.

Hello worked closely with the lovely ladies at fkaCS to rebuild their website architecture. Once completing a new sitemap and wireframes, we then moved onto the design. It was essential that the new design allowed members to join online, be easy to navigate and reflect the quality of service fkaCS offer the community and their members.

We are proud to report that the new design has bought a wave of excitement amongst fkaCS employees and their members. We are now eagerly awaiting time to pass in hope the new design entices fresh membership.