Aboriginal Housing Victoria

details on the project

As you might have noticed, hello love working with not-for-profit clients. This year we were very humbled to be invited to create a new website design for Aboriginal Housing Victoria.

Aboriginal Housing Victoria is a not-for-profit Housing Provider. They are the largest Aboriginal housing organisation in Australia, managing 1525 properties in Melbourne and regional Victoria. They provide affordable housing to over 4000 low income Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians.

The site was rather content heavy, so hello were required to work closely with AHV to carefully re-work the new sitemap and wireframes. It was integral that all present and future content was considered within these new wireframes so the site could continue to grow efficiently. The new website design was kept simple and clean so that users could navigate their way through the site with ease.

The result is a site which very clearly provides gateways for users to easily access specific content. It speaks to their vast audience and effectively communicates what AHV are all about.